Hi. I’m Emilia. Welcome to my new online portfolio.

I wanted to gather in one space all projects, ideas and share moments from my life.

I live in Poznań, Poland and since 2014 I’ve been working for Ad Arte Foundation of Cultural Education, which is a non-governmental organization promoting audiovisual culture, founded in 2003. We mostly focus on short film as an art form. I coordinated multiple projects, including film screenings, short film distribution, educational activities and outdoor cinema.
I like to introduce screenings, host panels and Q&As with creative people from different fields of art, science and politics.

Our most important project is Short Waves Festival, international short film festival, which I joined in 2016 as a programmer. Since 2019 I’m a Festival Director. It’s a challenging, but mostly — fun job. Learn more about what I do by following my blog.