Talking Shorts

International platform for the promotion of short cinema Talking Shorts is a portal containing movie reviews, podcasts with interesting people from the film industry and interviews with film creators. The initiators of the portal are my good friends from the European festival circuit: Enrico Vannucci (Venice Film Festival), Anne Gaschütz (Filmfest Dresden), Daniel Ebner (Vienna Shorts) and Niels Putman (Kortfilmfestival Leuven,, who invited me to cooperate in co-creation and communication of the portal.

Talking Shorts is an online film magazine dedicated to short films. Our goal is to make shorts more visible and to create a wider discourse about the artform, closely connected to the international film festival landscape.

Who are we /

In March 2020, as Talking Shorts team, we also organized My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival – a charity film festival presenting dystopian films from around the world raising funds for the organization Doctors without Borders and cultural initiatives affected by epidemy.

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